Dude-guys, I saw Birdman tonight, but I’m still not sure how I felt about it. Overall positive, but curiously unmoved? The acting was great across the board — I’ve long maintained that Michael Keaton makes anything better — I enjoyed the “one take” conceit, and there was some clever writing. But it also felt overlong — it kept going about 15 minutes after it should have ended — and the ending itself was dopey. Still, I’d say it’s worth seeing, if only for Edward Norton’s hilariously awesome performance as a nutjob actor (in other words: Edward Norton plays himself).

Also, it’s a better way to spend two hours than watching Michael Keaton in Batman. Holy crap, you guys, that movie is not very good. I know we all dug it when we were thirteen or whatever, but my word. What is entertaining, however (if you’re me), is this hilarious Entertainment Tonight segment on the 1989 Batman premiere. Check out the cavalcade of “stars” (and the one “Batman” with a garbage bag on his head):

Bonus: The VHS tape everyone wants this Christmas!



FCFR 10.24.14 Groovy

Happy Friday, fuckers. In lieu of the usual roundup of links, trailers, and other assorted nonsense, I’m doing something different with today’s Friday Randomness. Please enjoy this collection of trailers and commercials from some of my favorite seasonally-appropriate movies about monsters, stabbings, and things JUMPING LOUDLY INTO FRAME. One week ’til Halloween!

1. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

2. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

3. The Exorcist

4. House (Hausu)

5. Alien