Medium Salsa, Please


Here’s a random thing I was thinking about as I was walking home earlier with my dinner of pepperoni slices and garlic knots: I haven’t eaten at a Chipotle in over four months.

This may sound utterly unremarkable to you, the “normal” reader of this blog, but for me, this is quite a development. I think I was probably in Chipotle at least twice a week when I lived in Shrewsbury, mostly because my kitchen was too small for proper cooking, but also because there was one conveniently located between my office and my apartment. There was also one conveniently located five minutes in the other direction from my apartment, so really, I never had a chance.

On the one hand, I suppose this is a positive development. Even though I don’t consider Chipotle to be aggressively unhealthy it’s still probably not great to eat a burrito every goddamn day (even if I did smugly order mine without cheese and sour cream). What’s more, I now have a million tasty, interesting, and inexpensive options all withing walking distance of my apartment, so not only am I getting better food, I’m getting a better variety of it. Plus, there’s a place on 4th Avenue that makes the greatest tacos I’ve ever had, and when you’ve got that on offer, who needs a stupid fast food (I’m sorry, “fast casual”) burrito?

On the other hand, I would kill for a fucking chicken burrito right now. Shape up, Park Slope! Don’t act like you’re above it, because there’s a McDonald’s on 9th Street and like, five Subways in the area (I may be exaggerating). Don’t make me move to Cobble Hill!*

Then again, if I did, I could hang out at Boat every day. Hmm.

* – Why the hell would anyone review a Chipotle on Yelp?

One thought on “Medium Salsa, Please

  1. I love Chipotle, but I don’t go there that often because there is always such a long line. I guess everyone loves it as much as we do, and I’ll only wait so long for a burrito, even if it is fucking delicious.

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