Serve Simply with Peas

I know that the “hey, I cooked something!” posts are as boring and self-indulgent as the “hey, I can grow hair out of my face!” posts, but cut me some slack, nerds: this is all new, exciting territory for me. Gone is the babyfaced toast chef; in his place is a bearded creator of irresistible cakes and magical pork dishes. I have new powers, and, as befits our modern society of narcissistic over-sharing, I feel the need to report back to you every time I wield them.

My latest culinary conquering is this Jamie Oliver Steak and Guinness pie recipe. I’ve had it made for me a couple of times, but I’ve never been brave enough to try and make it for myself. Instead, I spent the last two years merely dreaming about it while I crammed burritos into my face and willed them to taste as good. They never did, but in a cruel twist of irony, I now dream of Chipotle all the time.

And guess what? Okay, fine, you guessed correctly: I made it, and it was a success. The pie tasted just as fucking amazing as I remembered it, and I didn’t blow anything up. I did burn a couple fingers, but this nothing new; par for the course. First degree burns are a badge of honor. And besides, the pie was so next level delicious, it was a small price to pay. If you’re looking for a good, hearty winter dish, I can’t recommend this enough. I left out the cheese, but before you dismiss this as me being cheese-o-phobic, I should point out that this is how I’ve always had it, and honestly, I don’t think it would be as good with the cheese. But either way, this will be your new favorite thing ever. Assuming you like things that are good.

Just remember: When the pan’s been sitting in the oven for an hour and a half, it will be hot.

2 thoughts on “Serve Simply with Peas

  1. That would look delightful if I were a beef eater, which I am not. (Cholesterol is not my friend.) But I’m mostly just trying to figure out how cheese would not be necessary here, because cheese improves just about everything.

  2. Serve simply and cheese free all you want, but please tell me you would not expect me to actually eat this with peas (peas are so gross) or I fear we can no longer be friends and I would be sad. With that cleared up – good initiative and glad you had a tasty reward for all your burns!

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