Tastes Like Infantilism

Hey, so remember last week when I said I had grown out of eating weird garbage for the sake of hilarious blog content? And do you remember a couple days ago when I said I wasn’t going to mention Star Wars again this week?

I lied:


In fairness, I kind of blame Roberta for this, since she gave me a box of the cereal as a joke gift for my birthday (along with several other very thoughtful Star Wars themed gifts, including a boss BB-8 shirt). What am I going to do, not eat it once it’s in my house?

So what’s the verdict? It’s actually shockingly delicious. I mean, full of sugar, and designed to appeal to the palate of an excitable 9 year old who likes the taste of garbage and chicken nuggets. But that said: pretty good. It’s kind of a fun flashback to when I thought cereal had to be marshmallow-laden and fruity to be good (and now you eat plain Corn Flakes every morning, young Aaron! Haw-haw!). I’m certainly not going to buy another box when this one is gone…but I will be kind of sad.

Also, I think eating sugary baby cereal has flipped some kind of switch in my brain, because I also just bought tickets to the Christmas edition of “Spoons, Toons, & Booze” at Nitehawk. Should be awesome. I hope they have Corn Pops.

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