Spooky Finish Line!!


We did it, nerds! Or I did it, anyway. Another Shocktoberfest in the books. I can’t say these are the 31 best posts I’ve ever written, but whatever. Oh, and I totally failed on my attempt to watch all the Halloween sequels (by which I mean I watched one of them), but there’s always next year, right?

Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat about my success (or relative failure), but I’ve got an all night horror movie marathon to attend at my favorite movie theater. The good news is, though, I plan to keep posting for the rest of the year. I know! Mind you, I’m not talking about posting every single day, but dudes, there’s a new Bond movie AND a new Star Wars movie we’ll need to discuss. Hell, I’ll probably post every day in December, but we’ll get there. Either way, I’ll talk to you dudes this week. Happy Halloween! Stay scared!

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