We All Know That Christmas Is a Big Commercial Racket

I’m probably (definitely) dating myself here, but did anyone else get psyched about Christmas catalogs when they were a kid? It seems so strange and old timey now, but I still vividly remember how exciting it was when the Sears or JC Penny Christmas catalog would come in the mail, and I would proceed to spend hours perusing the toy section to see what was new and exciting, circling everything I wanted for Christmas. Mostly, I was concerned with the Star Wars stuff (natch), but the whole thing was a treasure trove of eight year old bliss, whether it was He-Man, Gobots, or an entire air hockey table for your basement (suffice it to say I never got the air hockey table).

I don’t really have a larger point to make here, I’m just being one of those “remember this stuff?” nostalgia assholes. Mostly, I just wanted to post this picture.

xmas catalog


Dudes, $8.99 for a Twin Pod Cloud Car? Mind you, I realize that’s like, $700 in 2015 money, but still. Seems like a bargain.

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