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You Don’t Really Know Much About Halloween

Hey, I’m going to get back to my Halloween sequel-a-thon any day now. I’ve just been busy, nerds. Busy not watching these movies. I don’t know why I’m stalling. Especially since the next one will likely be the most entertaining: the allegedly bonkers Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Killer Halloween masks? No Michael Myers? Robots? Mustachioed heroes? Sign me the shit up. Weekend plans: sorted!

Speakin’ and Thinkin’ About the Addams

Oh, what’s that? You want me to post another frightfully fun music video? Preferably a dopey movie tie in from the early 90’s with people busting ridiculous dance moves while wearing shiny Hammer pants?

I’ll do you one better: let’s watch MC Hammer himself as he is terrorized and beheaded by a young Christina Ricci, all while rapping about the pros and cons of living next to the Addams family.

Wikipedia informs me that this was Hammer’s last top ten hit in the US, which seems about right.

Guys, I miss the subgenre of goofy movie tie-in rap songs. A good end credits rap helps to sum up the events of the film while also sending the viewer out with a smile on their face (and/or quietly singing “Go Ninja, go ninja, GO!” to themselves). If there isn’t one at the end of Steve Jobs, I will be super disappointed.