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Most of ’81 Passed Along Those Lines

We’re already off to a bad start, nerds. I got an angry fax* from The Waitresses this morning¬†informing me that I was “100% fucking wrong” yesterday when I declared “Merry Christmas Everybody” to be the Greatest Christmas Song Ever.

We here at Funky Carter sincerely apologize for the oversight. We were tired when we wrote that post, and possibly drunk. So please enjoy the actual Greatest Christmas Song Ever, with our humble apologies:

* – They’re from the 80s. Don’t think about it too hard.

I Love It When You Call Me Funky Carter

A Very Important Question:

During the great East Coast/West Coast feud that divided our nation during the 90s, I chose to align myself with the West Coast. It was, perhaps, a betrayal of my geographic location (as we all know, NH was at the forefront of the fighting), but I felt pretty strongly about it. Not for any ideological reasons, but because G-Funk, obviously.

Here’s my question, though: Now that I’ve chosen to make such a big deal about living in Brooklyn, do I have to change sides? Or at least admit I was wrong? Because I live like, a couple miles from this:


Difficult. Maybe it’s time we moved on.

(Wait, we have? Crap, I apologize. Let’s just get drunk and have a dance party, then.)